Our latest EP Kill MP, released by NYMS Rec on 2022-08-26

Manifestoon Platoon’s Dangle Statement: practice, process and remote collaboration
(a thread on Lines community forums)

Our album Dangle Statement, released by NYMS Rec on 2021-11-17

A piece by Manifestoon Platoon featured in a video by Brooklyn’s videographer and artist Anice Jee

Manifestoon Platoon’s debut album, enumerate, insectify,
released by GATES of HYPNOS, 2021-07-18

Manifestoon Platoon live at the Earth Modular Society anniversary livestreamed event (2021-10-02)
Manifestoon Platoon live @ drone day by Earth Modular Society, 2021-05-29
Manifestoon Platoon live jam for Wesleyan Music Graduate Students series, March 2021
Manifestoon Platoon live @ Off The Grid, New York Modular Society, 2021-01-21