from manifestar (Old Occitan, 13th c.) “to reveal,”
and festoon (French, c. 1686) “a chain or garland of flowers suspended between 2 points”

// version 1, 2021-01-05.
These were the ideal guidelines in place for creating the album Dangle Statement. The manifestoon will change as needed to reflect further intra-actions.


  1. Embrace contrasts
  2. Find unexpected sources of propulsion and kinetic energy
  3. Be scarce, embrace pauses + silences: mind the gap
  4. Work quickly, and commit early to artistic decisions
  5. Performances of synthesis and editing
    both manifestooning gestures or abstractions


  1. Don’t use samples from other peoples’ recordings, including sample libraries and generic reverb impulse responses
  2. Avoid rounded binary, ternary and arch formal structures:
    form is not an afterthought
  3. Avoid stereotypically recognizable parts, such as “drums”, “pad”, “lead” 
  4. Don’t use presets for plugins or digital instruments
  5. No 12-tet melodies: we tamper our music, we don’t temper it
  6. No 2/4 or 4/4 rhythms, we don’t want to bore the machines
  7. No steady clocks (“momma heartbeat” — Captain Beefheart)


  1. Pieces make audible Karen Barad’s theory of posthumanist performativity
    and the concept of intra-action
  2. Every piece explores the intra-action between two performances:
    one by each artist
  3. Any “object” can become an instrument
    if you listen carefully (aural intra-action)


  1. Our own available light photography of the world “as it is,” where we take an anti-pastoralist and anti-futurist approach to visualizing “revealed nature” in its many forms
  2. Absurdist sound art / video art